Heritage Center

The Home to Hiawatha Nature and Historical Society.

The Hiawatha Heritage Center is a collection of historic and reproduction buildings representing this history of the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club.

The Hiawatha Sportsman's Club Museum, located within the original and historic Manitou Lodge, houses a fantastic array of donated memorabilia and artifacts important to not only the Club's history, but local history.

The Naomi Children’s Museum is the re-purposed Stable Master’s cabin from the days when horses were common on the club. Also within the Center is a replica cabin representing the original 1931 rental cabins available to members.

The Center is located on a bluff with an incredible view over Lake Michigan. The site includes maintained historic walking trails located between the original HSC buildings in the area. While many of these buildings have faded into history, their locations and purpose are marked with signs along the trails.

The Hiawatha Nature & Historical Society

Since the founding of the Hiawatha Sportsman's Club in 1927, its members have been passionate about three things: the magnificent natural setting, which is our club, the heritage that has developed since the founding of the club, and the sense of community which has been an integral part of the Club's appeal. The Nature and Historical Society was founded by HSC members to foster and develop a continuing appreciation for and understanding of these three areas.