Whether you are fishing in Lake Michigan, Lake Millecoquins, one of our private lakes, spring-fed stocked trout ponds, or our 30 miles of isolated rivers and streams, you can be assured of a spectacular fishing experience. Members enjoy fishing for every type of fish that is available in Michigan.  The HSC actively manages these lakes and ponds and has an extensive fish-stocking program.

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Public Lakes

Lake Michigan is available for Big Lake Fishermen. Easy boat access is provided by a State of Michigan boat ramp and marina in Naubinway.

Lake Millecoquins is a public lake bordered by HSC and member-owned property. It is a shallow lake and is known in Michigan for Northern Pike fishing. This lake provides excellent fishing year-round. Both public lakes offer spectacular sunset views.

Private Lakes

There are several private lakes within HSC that are home to cool water species.

Elbow Lake is a small 9.5 acre bog-like lake with a maximum depth of 9.8 feet. It is home to Bluegill, Largemouth bass, and Yellow Perch.

Pullup Lake is a 200 acre lake on the North edge of HSC that is home to Northern Pike, Perch and Bullheads.

Cranberry Lake is 250 acre lake and home to Pike, Perch, and Walleye. This lake is set in the northern forest of the Club and fed by Cranberry marsh to the East.

Dollar Lake, once thought lost, has reappeared on the property, and was stocked with perch during the fall of 2021.

Trout Ponds

There are two private trout ponds located on the Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club.

Jocko Pond is a 10 acre pond that is fed by spring fed Jocko Creek. Jocko is very cold and seldom gets above 47 degrees. Jocko is stocked with Brook and Rainbow Trout.

Cold Creek Pond is a 5 acre pond. The crystal clear water comes from a spring fed creek. Cold Creek Pond is stocked with legal sized Rainbow Trout and is planted heavily.

Rivers and Streams

The Hiawatha Club is nestled right in the middle of some of the best Trout fishing. There are over 35 miles of rivers and streams on the Hiawatha Club.

The Upper Millecoquins River, Jocko Creek and Cold Creek are spring fed, clear and cold. They are home to some great Brook and Rainbow Trout fishing.

Three Mile Creek is a winding creek and is a little warmer than the others. The slightly warmer waters make it perfect habitat for Brown and Rainbow Trout.

The Lower Millecoquins River is fed out of the south end of Millecoquins Lake and empties into Lake Michigan. The water is warmed by Millecoquins Lake, thus the species in the lower river include Brown and Rainbow Trout in the North end to Bass and Pike near the mouth of Lake Michigan. The river supports a popular Salmon run that brings out fishermen, photographers, and observers.